Tear Down

I rarely use a stencil more than one time these days, which seems ridiculous considering how much time I spend cutting them. I still want to preserve their uniqueness by keeping them limited but I also want to try more than one thing with some of them. This project really allowed for me to do both of these things. I think three iterations is enough for this one. 19 layers all hand cut it seems worth it to use them more than once.

3 tear downs sm Tear Down 2-sm Tear Down 3s

Shapes on Wood

I have been working on some new paintings recently that have been expanding on a number of ideas that I have explored before. One portion I have been loosely calling Shapes on Wood. (Super creative I know) these two went to the Art Pop event at Taylors Milwaukee September 27th 2015. The blue one happens to be the first pattern that I created a vector for and then laser cut the pattern, the other one features a hand cut stenciled pattern which is how I have been creating all the other patterns up until this point.

squares stroke

The blue pattern of squares is also a small test for much larger project that I have been working on. Photos to follow soon.

Indigo Bunting Mural

Yesterday I painted a mural on Fond Du Lac Ave. at about Meinecke Ave. It is on a boarded up fire damaged building, that needed a little improvement.

The bird is an Indigo Bunting which is found in South Eastern Wisconsin, around this time of year. (summer)

Here are progress and final shots of the painting. I will be going back the next sunny morning to hopefully get unobstructed head on pictures of the final product.

I feel great about this one, and it was a lot of fun to meet the people in the neighborhood that stopped to talk to me while I was working.