Compleated Hollow Form Rings

I finished the rings that I was making (models, and fabricating), this project proved to be even more difficult then I originally thought it might be. Considering that as of a couple of months ago I had never worked with metal, I am happy with what I was able to create. I really challenged myself, I learned a ton, and was able to put it to use in creating these forms. However the perfectionist in me sees all the imperfections, and for that reason I will never love the final result, as much as some of my other projects. Fred Kaems_Hollow Ring 1 F.Kaems_hollow rings 2 F.Kaems_hollow rings 3 F.Kaems_hollow rings 4 F.Kaems_hollow rings 5

I have the game pieces cast, now I just need to get them cleaned up, and put on a patina. I am stoked on how they look so far, and can’t wait to have them done. Game pieces in prog

Keith Richards Commission

I was asked to paint a young Keith Richards on a wood panel, we discussed color possibilities, and beyond that I had creative control. The final piece is hanging in the bar area of Taylors People’s Park, in downtown Waukesha. I also have a couple of other portraits on old albums hanging there. Its a pretty cool place, so check it out. Kaems_Keith Richards Keith detail

Carved Wax Pieces

I am making some game pieces that I will be casting out of bronze. These pieces will be the tops of the finished pieces. Carved out of wax tools of the trade. Carved wax pieces Roller wax

Fabricating Hollow Form Rings

Progress on the hollow form ring. This one has been a lot of trial and error, and learning as I go. By far the most difficult of the projects that I have attempted while working with metal. Choosing to make two forms that go together, really requires that things are lined up and there have been a few steps that I have had to redo. I am sure that I will be excited when it is all done, but this has been quite the never ending process so far.Hollow ring process hollow ring process 5 hollow process3 hollow ring process 6 hollow ring pro 4 Hollow ring process2

Working on ideas

For this project I need to make two rings that create a set. One needs to be more wearable, and one needs to be more sculptural. Beyond that they both need to have a hollow interior space, also known as a hollow form. Rather then create two rings that go together thematically, I want to take a pretty literal approach, and create rings that actually inter-lock. Here are some of the sketches that I drew and the best of the models I made.Hollow form sketchs hollw form sketch Hollow form models2 ring models

I really like the forms of these buildings in this last image. I don’t think they work for this project, but I have a feeling that I will be revisiting these forms somewhere down the road. building ring models

Cast silver for the pin, and cast bronze for the other pieces combined with walnut, finished with dark danish oil, and clear acrylic. I don’t think I will be making anything like this again, but I enjoyed the process, and like the end results. Each new project that I do seems to give me new appreciation for people who work with metals. Kaems Universal Component Kaems Universal Comp pin Kaems Universal Kaems Universal ear

Universal Component

I liked the look of metal and dark wood that I had with the Ranges ring, so when I had to make a few pieces that had a universal component that could be used in more then one way with metal, I decided to include wooden pieces. I don’t consider myself to be a jeweler, but it was an interesting process. pin finished wood pieces wood pieces Univ compnt bronze univ cmpnt bronze1 universal component wax Universal Component wax2