Next Step

This last semester I was involved with a project where I was a part of making a covering for a prosthetic leg for a former Marine Sgt. Eric Rodriguez who lost his leg. It was a challenging and interesting project and I feel that I was able to play a good role in the creation of the piece. It is designed so that it can be printed on a smaller desktop 3D printer and assembled. My team entered the design into the Infy Makers Design Competition and we won one of the national prizes which is a huge honor!

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Hole in the Wall

I have been playing with the idea of creating the illusion of depth and space in some of my recent paintings. I made a mock up for another mural that didn’t happen that employed these ideas and I was hooked. I am glad that I was able to make one of these at the size of a wall and I think this rough surface looks great.Hand cut stencils and spray paint.Swish sm Swish wide sm Detail 2 sm Detail sm

Tear Down

I rarely use a stencil more than one time these days, which seems ridiculous considering how much time I spend cutting them. I still want to preserve their uniqueness by keeping them limited but I also want to try more than one thing with some of them. This project really allowed for me to do both of these things. I think three iterations is enough for this one. 19 layers all hand cut it seems worth it to use them more than once.

3 tear downs sm Tear Down 2-sm Tear Down 3s

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Street Turtle

My studio mate and good friend Mark Gray asked me to help on this project. He had spoken with the commissioner of the Department of Public Works at the time that the city was working on the creation of Freshwater Way and the Reed Street Yards.

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They were looking for a street graphic for the entry to Freshwater Way. After numerous meetings we were able to create a great painting of a tortoise that coincides with the ideas of freshwater, conservation, and the flow of life.

Night time sm Turtle Night time sm day time sm ariel view