I built a drawing machine based off of Makelangelo software. I think that I had a pretty nice solution to the problem and was able to make a very nice looking and working machine. I documented the entire process here. This includes step by step instructions to make your own machine, downloadable files to create all the pieces, and links to both the software and resources that I used.setup

And a couple of the drawings that I made.

swallow Swallow1 hawk 1 Hawk grosbeak grosbeak1 grosbeak3

Race Torch Final Product

handle 1

My final design for the handle for Race Torch. The trigger lights up when the device is active and ready to use.

handle 2

handle 3

handle open door

The door for the batteries open.

open handle

The handle opened up to show the electronics. Everything fits together easily, but with little room to spare.

handle and light

Torch all pieces

All of the core components that make up Race Torch. The bluetooth receiver, light and audio generator integrate into a stand that is not shown.

Race Torch

In this project I was teamed up with three mechanical engineers and two electrical engineers. The goal of the project was to create a device that could replace a starting pistol in a track or swim meet. We had quite a few criteria that we had to meet, and a budget that we had to stay under. electonics

Some of the early electronics

bluetooth reciever

Prototyping bluetooth receiver

first motherboard

First motherboard

soldering electronics

Soldered motherboard and bluetooth

early handle render

Early render of possible handle

sls handle insides First sls handle

Handle version one that was SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) printed.

Shapes on Wood

I have been working on some new paintings recently that have been expanding on a number of ideas that I have explored before. One portion I have been loosely calling Shapes on Wood. (Super creative I know) these two went to the Art Pop event at Taylors Milwaukee September 27th 2015. The blue one happens to be the first pattern that I created a vector for and then laser cut the pattern, the other one features a hand cut stenciled pattern which is how I have been creating all the other patterns up until this point.

squares stroke

The blue pattern of squares is also a small test for much larger project that I have been working on. Photos to follow soon.

Cast Bronze Game Pieces

These game pieces are the tools of the trade for the as of yet  imaginary game “King the City” the graffiti monopoly game.Fred Kaems Spray Can Fred Kaems Brush Fred Kaems Roller Fred Kaems Marker

each of these was cast from carved wax and plastic. I think that I was really able to capture the grit and grime of the city, including the areas where you often find graffiti.